Sleepy Hollow Episode 4

Episode 4: “The Lesser Key of Solomon” 

The main thing you need to know about this episode is that Ichabod started the Boston Tea Party to cover up a meeting with George Washington. Yup. 



There’s a HILARIOUS opening bit where Ichabod gives a moving reflection on his love with Katrina to the North Star lady: “No, it is I who must thank you, kind woman, for unlocking this vehicle from afar and showing me how the entertainment system works.”

Abbie begs for a head start in tracking down her sister who escaped from the loony bin in the previous episode. And Orlando Jones gives it to them cause he apparently lets them do anything.

We see that an EVIL GERMAN PIANO TEACHER is tracking down Abbie’s sister Jenny.

EVIL GERMAN PIANO TEACHER AND MINIONS kill Jenny’s bartender friend with a handy-dandy torture kit. 

Jason: Oooh, he has the same torture kit I do.

Katherine: I love when you have an Evil German. It just makes everything better.

Ichabod and Abbie find out Abbie’s sister Jenny traveled the world when she wasn’t locked up. As Ichabod says,   “Why would someone travel to such exotic locales and then return to Sleepy Hollow if all that awaited her here was potential incarceration?”

He then ventures, “A personal query if you will?” and asks about the sisters’ home life. Cliff notes: dad bailed when we were kids. Mom had a nervous breakdown a few years later, hospitalized.

They trace down one of Jenny’s foster parents, who predictably sucks. Abbie goes all righteous on Crappy Foster Parent’s ass, which is gratifying.


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Foster Mom points out that Abbie also abandoned her sister, which is true, though we already know this.

Turns out there was a relationship between Jenny and Dead Sheriff. They also find out Jenny used to go to a cabin somewhere, so they go to the cabin.

Abbie breaks into the cabin, and Ichabod murmurs, “How fortuitous. An officer of the law with a criminal past. Imagine the delinquency we could perpetrate if we really put our minds to it.” This should not be as sexy as it is.



Jason: That’s a good pick-up line.

Cabin belonged to Dead Sheriff Corbin, who was apparently BFF with Abbie’s sister Jenny. And sister is AT THE CABIN. RUH-ROW!


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Jenny of the amazing eyebrows is all, “Nice to see you again, British guy.”

It is weird that Dead Sheriff Corbin was friends with both the sisters and didn’t tell either. Jenny helped him find “rare objects” and “dig for answers.” He was why she came back to Sleepy Hollow. Apparently Dead Sheriff Corbin was afraid of dying before he did, in fact, die. Legit fear, dude! 

So now Jenny is coming to the cabin to collect something. Ichabod recognizes the device as one he saw in the Revolutionary War; Abbie fills Jennie in on Ichabod’s background and is like “ha, ha, I believe in the supernatural now too.”


35cf35c4-d4e3-45c2-bffe-b3d3f2badf0f-Sleepy-Hollow-Episode-1-04-The-Lesser-Key-of-Solomon-Promotional-Photos-sleepy-hollow-tv-series-35625237-595-412Icky, Abbie, and Eyebrows. Image from here


We find out Ichabod created the Boston Tea Party to provide a distraction while he stole the device: “At the time it was referred to as The Destruction of the Tea. You’ve coined a far more festive name.”

Soldier guarding the device was a Hessian: a German mercenary. Device was sent back to General Washington.

And then apparently,  Dead Sheriff Corbin kept the device, a “sextant” (IS HE A DESCENDANT OF GENERAL WASHINGTON?). The sextant has a map-image hidden inside.

But in Current Times, the Hessians have tracked them to the cabin, and there is a Gun Fire battle.

In the course of this Battle, Icky, Eyebrows Jenny, and Beautiful Abbie capture a Hessian, who has a tattoo, the mark of the “shadow warriors,” like the Horseman. In German, Ichabod is like, “Still at it after two centuries.”



Evil German has Evil German tattoo (via here)


It is convenient that Ichabod speaks ALL OF THE LANGUAGES. EVIL GERMAN is like: “Your German is exceptional.” Of course. ICKY SPEAKS EVERY LANGUAGE AND HAS A PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY.



What IS this weapon? EVIL GERMAN:  “A doorway to the seventh circle of hell.” Once again, the two witnesses are referred to.

A legend — a book of black magic written by King Solomon that can conjure seventy-two demons trapped in hell.

Hessians have been hanging out in Sleepy Hollow for years, waiting for the chance to unlock this magic.

In CONCURRENT TIME, we see that Orlando Jones and the police have for some reason found the Hessian’s house and his creepy torture chamber. So are the  Hessians going to get the blame for all the murders? I’ve been wondering how Orlando Jones is going to explain all of this shit to his superiors. 

EVIL GERMAN tells our intrepid heroes: They are controlled by Moloch the demon. Moloch summoned the horseman and now brings dark spirits into this world for his “grand design.”  Then Hessian eats a cyanide pill. Good thing he monologued before he killed himself.



Ichabod, Jenny and Abbie find the key ’cause of Ichabod’s SUPER MEMORY.



They go to find to the Key of Solomon in a car and Eyebrow Sister Jenny is like “I believe in stuff” and Jason accuses Ichabod of “eye fucking” her which I think is a little extreme. Still…Sexy Sister Love Triangle? I guess there were already in a kind of Mentor-y triangle with Dead Sheriff Corbin. 

Katherine says what’s in my head: Is Dead Sheriff Corbin really dead? Is he really a good guy? Or was he setting everything in motion? 

The remaining EVIL GERMANS start to raises gooey demons with the key of Solomon. The demons kind of look like they are wrapped in plastic, so it’s less than scary.


DEMONNNNGooooooey demooonnnnnn via

Jason: The lesson for this show: kill all Germans on sight.

Our heroes stop the spell by throwing the book in the demon pit.

Back at the police station, Jenny is back in handcuffs. Abbie explains her and Ichabod’s role as the two Witnesses, and Jenny is understandably a little jealous: “You turn your back on everything and now you’re picked to fight the good fight.”

Question: Why are Abbie and Ichabod the two witnesses? I mean, shouldn’t it really be her and her sister? Why are they so sure it’s Abbie and Ichabod? Didn’t Jenny and Abbie see Moloch together way back when? Doesn’t…witnessing that literally make them…the…two…witnesses?  

Abbie says maybe this “witness” “seven years tribulations” thing is her punishment for turning her back on her sister. She makes a cool speech to her sister about how they lost everything and she says, “I see who you really are and I’m proud of you.” She has shimmering, Dean Winchester tears in her eyes…



…and it’s very moving. God, I love this actress: “we’re all the family we have left.”






Abbie offers to start the process to get her sister out of the crazy bin. It’s all very sweet, though it’s not clear if it’s too little, too late. 



Jason (looking up wikipedia on his phone): The witnesses are only supposed to witness for three and a half years, not seven.

Me: Three and a half years is not enough time to get a syndication deal, Jason.

Abbie ignores Jason’s cynical wikipedia-ing and continues to be moving: “I’m sorry it took me so long to find you.” Anyway, it’s lovely and wonderful, largely because of Nicole Beharie’s delivery. I LOVE HER.

Though it’s not clear Abbie’s sister WILL forgive her.

It’s okay, Abbie/Nicole. I luv you. 


Onwards to Episode 5!