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I had an interview with my website and this is what happened:

Hey, what does this website supposedly do? 

Post “recaps and ramblings”! So either a straight-up recap of what happened in a TV show, or general thoughts (ramblings) about a show. The TELLY in our name means that emphasis is on television, but pop culture in general can come into play. 

Who created this website? 


What kinds of shows do you recap? 

According to Netflix, I enjoy “television shows.” Seriously, this has come up twice as recommendations for me:


So true!

TV jpeg

Good job, Netflix!

If I had to categorize, I’d say, shows fall in the category of “Science fiction/fantasy,” “Comedies,” and “Queer stuff.” So the category of SpeculativeQueerComedy or SQC, which is a genre I just made up. So SQC is what this site will largely focus on, but really, anything I or other writers enjoy watching is fair game.

Also, someday I’ll watch The Walking Dead and Dr. Who because Netflix is convinced I will love them.

Do you like stuff other than TV?


Are your recaps opinionated or just “what happened in the episode”?

The recaps will vary depending on individual recapper, but in general recappers are encouraged to be opinionated. It’s not pure summary of “what happened,” but rather thoughts and reactions. Hopefully, a lot of this.

When will your recaps go up?

Hopefully, before the next new episode airs.

Can I write for your website? 

Absolutely! Contact me at 

I don’t get the name of your website.

That’s okay. I love you anyway!

I love the name of your website!

Thanks! I think it’s funny. I didn’t come up with it.